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I never found a reasonable answer to how to handle this situation.This happens with other devices I plug in as well, such as my USB head phones.While not panicking, I re-booted the laptop and tried again to no avail twice.Try updating your USB drivers - both for the USB port and for your devices.Once done, restart your computer and try your different USB devices in different ports.Hello, I have a notebook and all usb ports and the ethernet adapter are not working.Now I can continue uploading my travel photos to iCloud (though the speed is glacial).

Know of any software tools that would help in troubleshooting the USB port.I bought new ebook reader and tried to connect it to my computer.My laptop has 3 USB ports: 1 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0. A few days ago my USB 3.0 port stopped working.

You not only (you, as in Make Use Of) write great reviews but write informative how-to as well.You may want to try Windows Restore to get back to a time when the USB ports worked.I have tried installing more and more drivers, but this has not fixed it.How to Fix USB Ports Not Working on Windows 7. Restart your laptop. 3) Connect your USB device to the PC again. 4) Plug the power supply back in. IMPORTANT:.

My USB was working fine until I reinstalled Windows on it and then it stopped working.Thank you so much for supplying this information and in such a simplistic fashion.

In windows 10, I am not able to see the USB key, instead there are multiple USB related folders in regedit.There appears to be no way to complain to mICROSOFT, so this seems to be the best place to seek help.

From uninstalling usb drivers to clean windows installation but still no luck.

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As long as the computer recognizes it as a hub and has the proper drivers, it should work.Solved: Hi everyone, i'm running into a problem. I'm trying to use the usb ports that are on the left side, but they aren't working. i plug in my.

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Where it says DisableSelectiveSuspend in the right-hand window, right-click and click.I opened a command prompt and I entered the command (carefully proofread against your directions).

My Laptop has 3 USB ports. one on the left side is working but 2 on the right are not working (both).Laptop Add-on Cards. Power Search. Useful Links. StarTech CBUSB22 2 Port CardBus Laptop USB 2.0 PC Card Adapter. Standards:. ExpressCard slot.If the port works in Ubuntu you know its a software issue if it does not work then its definitely an hardware issue.What is a USB Port?. USB Port Not Working?. Ethernet ports are sometimes used instead of USB. For some types of computer peripherals,.

Find DisableSelectiveSuspend Registry Key To get to the Registry Editor, click on Start and then enter regedit in the Search box and hit your Enter key.The worrying thing is that the prolonged search for a solution has led me to the conclusion that this problem occurred in 2013 with an update as well, indicating that they are indeed simply after our money without the common decency to pretend otherwise.

I only recommend this for people who have fairly extensive experience with soldering components on a circuit board.Integrated webcam ( USB 2.0 speed), all external USB flash drives are working slow ( 1-2 kbps).One of my USB 2.0 Slots isn't Working,. Is this a desktop or laptop? Front or rear USB ports not working? Was this a new build? Sorry for the lack of detail,.I would think this has to be a software issue with the new Windows 10 installation as the cause.